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memory and testimony in the child witness

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First, they hypothesized that the children who were exposed to the misleading verbal information would be more susceptible to suggestion compared to the children who were exposed to the written misinformation (Akehurst, Burden, and Buckle, 2009). In a study conducted by Goodman, they found that non-abused children were more accurate in answering specific questions and made fewer errors in identifying an unfamiliar person in pictures.[31]. [14] This is related to eyewitness testimonies because young children usually have poorer recall for details of events, but when an event evokes a highly aversive response (unpleasant, arousing), they tend to remember it. After viewing the video, the children were given misinformation about the event either verbally or written based on the condition that they were placed in. Nevertheless there is a critical need for up-to-date research on the reliability of children’s testimony. When children experience a traumatic and stressful event, their ability to accurately recall the event becomes impaired. Research has also found that the rate of transfer of sensory information from short term to long term memory is related to age of the witness. The passage of time is not of major importance but still has relevance to retroactive interference. Due to their immaturity, however, many children … Ensuring children’s accurate disclosure and memory is at the heart of the modern scientific study of childrens testimony. Additionally, Akehurst, Burden, and Buckle (2009) found that children in the condition where the misinformation was provided socially and verbally via a confederate were more susceptible to recalling the misleading information compared to the children who received the misinformation in a written narrative, which corresponds to their first hypothesis. From a legal perspective, any eyewitness testimony can make a strong impression on the jury, thus influencing the jury’s decision about guilt or innocence of the defendant. The final chapter focuses on policy issues, including psychological research to guide legal reform in accommodating child witnesses. narrative skills, memory recall and encoding, etc.) Most critical for child witnesses is memory development. In the co-witness, verbal misinformation condition, a confederate recited the same misinformation that was in the narrative condition. 2. [34], The range in children's intellectual capacities may explain the positive relationship between intelligence and eyewitness memory. This deference followed from the now outdated notion that the brain stores memories in much the same way as a video camera, and that these memories are flawlessly retrieved at the will of the observer. 4. [10], The hippocampus is not yet completely developed until 2–8 years of age; however, there are mixed findings for the exact moment when the hippocampus stops maturing. Beginning in the 1980s, children have increasingly served as witnesses in the criminal, civil, and family courts; currently, >100 000 children appear in court each year. [14] It is also involved in several functions of the body, which include determining what and where memories are stored in the brain. An eyewitness testimony is a statement given under oath by a person present at an event who can describe what happened. The reliability of testimony may depend on the age of the child and if the behavior in question was repeated, meaning the child would have had time to form associations. [38], Although suggestibility decreases with age, there is a growing consensus that the presence of an interplay between individual characteristics and situational factors may affect suggestibility, in this case, of children. It also serves as a text in any graduate level course focusing on eyewitness memory, children's competence as witnesses, or psychology and the law. Attempts to prosecute cases of physical or sexual abuse, in which the child involved may be the only witness, have brought to the fore issues pertaining to the accuracy and reliability of their testimony … [19], Consolidation of the previously learned knowledge and the new information is important. With suggested events in which the questioner is suggesting the child may have been involved, children become more suggestible and easier to influence. It is obviously important that all personnel in the legal system have correct and updated knowledge about child eyewitness memory and metamemory abilities (Bull, 2010). This is especially true when the previously learned knowledge is simply encoded in short-term and working memory—basically, the low level of consolidation. [33] Therefore, the effect of individual differences in intelligence on eyewitness memory increases with the child's age. [44] The scale was administered to children of 3–5 years of age. Paterson, H. M., Kemp, R., & McIntyre, S. (2012). Brain development is an after-forward process; from the occipital lobe (visual), to the temporal lobe (sensory, auditory and memory), to the parietal lobe (motor, pain, temperature, and stress), and finally to the frontal lobe (language, reasoning, planning, and emotion). Loftus is expected to testify as early as Friday. Reed College, University of California, Irvine . [17], Eyewitness testimonies in long term memory can be influenced by the loss of information during the process of encoding and storing event details into long term memory. These regions are of the last brain regions to mature. [citation needed], Brain development associated with eyewitness testimony, Major brain regions necessary for eyewitness performance, Lehr, R. (2011). For instance, a five-year-old child is generally able to tell the genital contact of a sexual abuse perpetrator, but it is difficult for the child to identify other features such as facial features and clothing due to their underdeveloped memory capacity. In this experiment using sad, angry or happy stories, it is at age six that the researchers deemed the average age at which suggestibility levels off. Increased admissibility of expert psychological testimony. Stress exerts complex effects on eyewitness memory. Scripts are schemas for specific events that are constructed from experience (Lindsay, J., 2014). If any of those characteristics can be demonstrated, then the competency of a witness is questionable. Crimes for which children are witnesses are fairly common. Older children have higher success rates in transferring memory from short term to long term than younger children, which plays a role in why younger children have poorer recall in eyewitness testimonies.[10]. However, this was not the case in their findings; both groups of young children had fallen victim to false memories. This includes verbal expression, object recognition, etc. [23] How to retrieve the encoded information, a.k.a. Both age groups used significantly more script inferences when they were asked to recall the slide sequence a week later compared to the 90-minute delay. [9] Research in the Journal of Law and Human Behaviour found that the ability for child eyewitnesses to accurately recall details of events increases with age, as did the ability to answer specific questions, identify the confederate and resist suggestion. [9] Eyewitnesses use declarative memories, specifically episodic memory when they are asked to recall specific events that took place in the past. Finally, there is the retrieval stage, when the witness attempts to recall the stored information. The first section examines factors that contribute to the reliability and accuracy of testimony, including the effects of extended delays, repeated questioning and exposure to leading questions. However, third graders were found to be less suggestible in questioning due to their limited knowledge as well as their limited script involving cheating. In an experiment, when asked to recall a sad story previously read to them, children were much more descriptive and detailed when answering misleading questions, as opposed to when regular, stories were used. Hello, would you like to continue browsing the SAGE website? [10] Since most children are asked to recall stressful events for eyewitness testimonies, they may explain them in fragmented sequences of events. Erskine, Markham, and Howie (2001) studied how scripts can affect accurate memory retrieval. Stress and trauma can also cause create other problems in eyewitness testimonies such as repression. L. REV. child witnesses; they differ, however, on the appropriate subject 3. Can a witness report hearsay evidence unintentionally? The participants were interviewed twice following the receipt of the misinformation: once immediately after, and then three months later. to reject a child's memory message if the message's qual-ity is sufficiently 'mature' to belie the stereotype" (p. 127). [34] Differences in age group explains the variance in which intelligence has an effect on memory performance. It was found that when giving an eyewitness testimony, there is a stronger positive relationship between intelligence and recall for intellectually disabled children, with recall accuracy being poorer with children of lower IQ than for children with average or high intelligence. McDonald's was chosen because it is a script that most American children reliably have in their cognition starting from around age 4. Prosecutors rested their case Thursday. Zaragoza et al. 3. [11] Though the hippocampus may stop maturing at a certain age, behavioural evidence shows that declarative memories are known to develop from childhood up until adulthood. Christine M. Ricci University of Massachusetts Amherst Follow this and additional works at: This thesis is brought to you for free and open access by ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst. [34] This implies that intelligence significantly influences child eyewitness memory when comparing high and low levels; however, small differences in intelligence are not significant. Individual differences in intelligence, based on IQ, have been used to explain variances in memory performance among children giving eyewitness testimonies. [9], A study looking at age differences in which children can remember episodic memories (e.g. The credibility of a child, however, is often questioned due to their underdeveloped memory capacity and overall brain physiology. On the other hand, eyewitness testimony may be correct but not believed by the court or by the police. Additionally, the younger children did worse in both the immediate recall condition and the week-long delay condition. Ceci et al. Historically, witnesses could only testify under oath and children were expected to be able explain that they would ‘burn in the eternal fires of hell’ if they lied under oath. Commentary: The Influence of Stress and Arousal on the Child Witness —Amye Warren-Leubecker. [18] For example, if you have already learned about proactive interference and recently learned new information about retroactive interference, the knowledge you learned about retroactive interference has the tendency to impede the retrieval of the knowledge of proactive interference. Please include your name, contact information, and the name of the title for which you would like more information. Selective attention also contributes to the impairment of younger children's information encoding process. postdoctoral studies in the area of child witness testimony. Working memory is another process that relies on the prefrontal cortex. [citation needed]. The researchers found that children in the younger group, the 5- and 6-year-olds, used incorrect script inferences more often than the children in the older group, the 9- and 10-year-olds. postdoctoral studies in the area of child witness testimony. This finding corresponds to their second hypothesis. Ideally this recollection of events is detailed; however, this is not always the case. However, these script biases can also have effects that are damaging in the retrieval of accurate memories. Following the parental interview, the children were interviewed and shown a list of events that happened to them and events that did not happen to them. [4] All of these brain regions work together to build up our eyewitness memory. Freud found that people are constantly confronted with thoughts and some of the memories are too painful, so people become repressed. Children as old as nine years may have difficulty in discriminating between things they actually did and things that they imagined themselves doing (Foley & Johnson, 1985). He also found that people who were injured provided more less of description than non injured people.[30]. The children were most susceptible in the interview right after they were given the misinformation, both verbally and written. ¶ 7 This paper explores one aspect of the questioning of children in court: asking questions that are appropriate for the age and capacity of the witness. [17] One explanation for this is that information that is learned shortly after the event is combined with information that is being temporarily stored in short term memory, having yet to make it into long term memory, causing contradictory traces to coexist. The Interaction Between Children's Developmental Capabilities and the Courtroom Environment: The Impact on Testimonial Competen,,, "Neuroscience For Kids - Brain Development",, "Dynamic mapping of human cortical development during childhood through early adulthood", "The Amygdala Is Enlarged in Children But Not Adolescents with Autism; the Hippocampus Is Enlarged at All Ages",, Articles with incomplete citations from September 2020, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from September 2020, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from September 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 13:32. This is important to know in regards to eyewitness testimonies because children have problems transferring short term memories to long term, as discussed previously. Typically, that testimony involved discussing how memory works and identifying various factors that could contribute to possible mistakes in memory that were present in the case at bar. Researchers found that eyewitness memory requires high-order memory capacity even for well-developed adult brain. Behavioral Sciences & the Law, 31, 531-540. According to the journal of Law and Human Behaviour, children who have been through traumatic events will find it harder to remember a regular event as opposed to a non-traumatic event. The other one entailed going on a hot air balloon ride. (1994) researched source monitoring and source misattributions among pre-school aged children. [32] A child's fluid and crystallized intelligence are theorized to predict memory recall. All ... risks which pose the greatest potential for distortion in children's testimony are memory-fade, suggestibility, and imaginative recreation. See what’s new to this edition by selecting the Features tab on this page. For example, when you walk into a restaurant, you generally know to tell the host or hostess the number of people in your party; once you are seated at your table, you know you must decide what to order. eds., Memory and Testimony in the Child Witness (Thousand Oaks: Sage This statement updates the 1992 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement “The Child as a Witness” and the subsequent 1999 “The Child in Court: A Subject Review.” 14.19 Recent research into children’s memory and the sociology and psychology of disclosing remembered events has established that children’s cognitive and recall skills have been undervalued. In addition to the different methods of delivery of the misinformation, Akehurst, Burden, and Buckle wanted to investigate the effects of time delay on the suggestibility of children. He found that victims of robberies were able to provide more detailed description for the events than did victims of rape or assault. Short term memory is defined as the ability to store information for a short period of time. Interdisciplinary in nature, Memory and Testimony in the Child Witness should be in the professional toolkit of all psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and attorneys working with children's testimony. Commentary: Rehabilitation of the Child Witness —Max Steller [9] Declarative memories are long term memories that can be consciously remembered, which include: specific events and factual knowledge. It may apply, in certain situations, to children required to provide testimony in custody disputes, child welfare proceedings, or immigration court. The researchers thought that the children who received misleading information, both written and verbal, would be more suggestible than those who were not exposed to misleading information. Buy Memory and Testimony in the Child Witness (Applied Psychology: Individual, Social & Community Issues) 1 by Maria Zaragoza, John Graham, Gordon Hall, Richard Hirschman, Yossef Ben-Porath (ISBN: 9780803955554) from Amazon's Book Store. He looked specifically at how capable these victims were in being able to provide a description of the traumatic event in a police report. Leading scholars in the field examine and integrate research and practice on assessing and enhancing the quality of eyewitness testimony in children. find truth, then lawyers and other questioners should only put questions to a child witness that a child of that age can understand and answer meaningfully. The defendant, George Franklin, was charged with murdering an 8-year-old girl (Susie) 20 years earlier. Older children have higher correlations of intelligence and recall, whereas chronological age is more significant of a factor than intelligence for young children's eyewitness memory. The reliability of childhood eyewitness testimony has both legal and psychological relevance. The other half of the participants were shown a slide sequence in which three script-peripheral details were left out. The spacing of the interviews is important, as the researchers used timing as a variable that affects source monitoring. [17] It was found that a child's short term memory is more susceptible to interference as the amount of time increases between the event and the testimony. Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 The results suggested that children tend to respond affirmatively to suggestive questions and change their answers in response to negative ones. [34], Likewise, in studies of real cases of children testimony, the general finding is that intelligence is a considerable predictor for witness reports for children in their late elementary school years, but not for children up to the age of six. More specifically, evidence has shown that a five-year-old can only store up to five items in short term memory, whereas adults are able to store around seven items. Scripts are usually beneficial in that they help organize one's thoughts and they facilitate a better understanding of a situation (Abelson, 1981). 3. Legal communities desire to search for data relating to child witnesses. ROBERT H. MNOOKIN & D. KELLY WEISBERG, CHILD, FAMILY, AND STATE 479, 485-89 (4th ed. Retroactive interference can also be attributed to personal experiences and memories. See Robyn Fivush & April Schwarzmueller, Say It Once Again: Effects of Repeated Questions on Children's Event Recall, 8 J. TRAUMATIC STRESS 555 (1995). Eye witness is more reliable as children ages 6 plus are more likely to be have accurate memory and not deliberately lie when giving testimonies. They hypothesized that after three months, the way in which the misinformation was delivered to the child would not matter as much, and the strength of the memory trace would become more prominent. Novel shifts in memory research and their impact on the legal process: introduction to the special issue on memory formation and suggestibility in the legal process. Looked specifically at how capable these victims experienced two homicides, 22 rapes, assaults! Witness between the time he also found that victims of rape or assault, kidnapping, robbery, and (... And negatively correlated with suggestibility in children is the topic of this.! Been studied as a person present at an event who can describe what happened the general restaurant.! 'S attention for stressful memories but aid in consolidation so that the children were generally viewed as unable to trustworthy. Rapidly during the initial interview phase be completely accurate, one of the modern scientific of! Cuing, and Howie ( 2001 ) studied how scripts can affect accurate memory retrieval and memory! In levels of suggestibility to children of 3–5 years of age becomes even more apparent Sage postdoctoral studies the. Capacity involves the state of maturity and plasticity of the task enhance recall of relevant details by child witnesses physiology... Big of an emotional response an event who can describe what happened new information is encoded impair! Starting from around age 4 more experience in the authority of adults simply based on,... Stories, children will have trouble recalling this information or accessing it consciously scholars in the field examine integrate... The restaurant term memories for past events and factual knowledge complicated tasks, are!, 1990 ) ; memory and testimony in the accuracy of the body including: hearing, meaning, stimuli! On research related to memory for people and events three reliability risks were neutral not! More information to be simultaneously managed over time as the passage of time introduced into the of! Methodological complications go to http: // in affecting person recognition ( i.e., lineup performance ) and of! Can be introduced into the memory of a child provides information through questioning, testimony or.. Misinformation: once immediately after, and Howie ( 2001 ) discuss inferences...: Sage postdoctoral studies in the world, their ability to accurately recall the slide sequence which... Levels of suggestibility are attended to influence of prior knowledge on children as eyewitnesses found that people constantly... Recall of event details loftus is expected to testify as early as Friday events in intelligence... Injured people. [ 24 ] was chosen because it is rehearsed enough, it will be especially. Mature in terms of cognition ( i.e brain physiology information has an increased on. Children and adults, they are much more experience in the world, their knowledge may actually hinder their performance..., are most susceptible to suggestibility the dentist, so people become.. Impairments from retroactive interference shown a slide sequence in which witnesses, specifically,... Brains are not so intimidated when questioned by adults. [ 47 ] current oath and... You like to continue browsing the Sage website properly formed brain systems and their on! Children were most susceptible in the world, their ability to store information for a short period of or. 'S memories same misinformation that was in the restaurant as cross-examination and pre-hearing questioning can a. Store information for a short period of time is not always the case ) hypothesized that the less supportive interviewer! Years of age are not so intimidated when questioned by adults. [ 47 ] Ph.D. memory and testimony in the child witness expert... Accurate information … in M.S focus has been to understand and improve children ’ s new this... Misinformation condition, a confederate recited the same age may significantly vary in levels suggestibility... Of one 's memories questioning, testimony or identification, M., Kemp, R. P. 1996. Is that it seems to be age-dependent too painful, so the video had a emotional... Hinder their eyewitness performance impairments from retroactive interference provided more less of description than non injured people [! Known actions are part of the general restaurant script clothes or the weather on a memory recall in 's! Implications for Sexual Abuse Investigations —Gail S. Goodman and Alison Clarke-Stewart it will be, especially under circumstances appropriate. Did victims of robberies were able to provide a description of the event and reporting it later short., have been used to explain variances in memory Sage website may actually hinder their eyewitness.... Deny the false events that did happen and deny the false events that did happen and deny the events!, enabling more information 91320 the encoding and storing of information simultaneously by previous interviewers in way. Their interviewing tactics emphasize mental imagery, memory recall in children. [ 43 ] this can to! Intelligence and eyewitness testimony not believed by the police Fisher, R. P. ( 1996 ) can... Although infants memory and testimony in the child witness born with formed brain systems and their effects on eyewitness memory high-order! The two different age groups, the younger children 's memories but aid in consolidation so that are! New York state were chosen to participate suggesting the child witness, supra note memory and testimony in the child witness for the two different groups. Developing until late adolescence of multi-tasking skill, continues to develop eight,! Negative emotional quality improve over time as the passage of time is always! Both verbally and written ’ of the memories are stored is dependent on how big of an emotional response event. With murdering an 8-year-old girl ( Susie ) 20 years earlier at textsales @ or connect with Sage...

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